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    Chapin Furniture – The Big Red Chair Goes Green(1/7)

    Published on August 30th, 2016, by rodgers

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    Keep up with the latest product news from Shealy! Get the inside scoop from our product experts and let us know what you need help with on the job!

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    The Best of Both Worlds

    Shealy Electrical is partnered with supplyForce, enabling us to facilitate nationwide contract management and simplify supply agreements, while providing the local market service and flexibility that your business needs.

    The power to deliver
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    supplyFORCE combines extensive product category expertise with North America's largest network of qualified suppliers known for their industry expertise.

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    A Solutions Arm of Shealy

    Providing creative solutions that help eliminate headaches while reducing your overall cost.

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    This "solutions arm" of Shealy Electrical provides OEM/Direct spend customers an array of services and products to handle their complex manufacturing and assembly operations.

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    The Tools To Be Your Best

    Shealy Electrical Wholesalers provides you with the products and an entire range of capabilities that you need to be the best. We provide you with the very best in materials, logistics, information, product sourcing, training, and solutions.

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    Improve efficiency and productivity while saving money and time on your construction project!

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    Our combination of expert sales associates, vast product inventory, and strong vendor support provide our customers with a dependable source for all their electrical needs.

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    We offer a full range of top-quality products and services to our electrical contractor, industrial MRO, OEM, and commercial accounts.

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    Technologies that Make your Job Easier

    The increasing complexity of today's process auotmation systems and components requires professionals trained in the controls that govern those systems. At Shealy Electrical, our automation specialists are experts in how much controls function and in finding solutions to your unique problem.

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    Our Automation & Control Division provides an advanced level of expertise and technical support. We can handle specification to start-up of your project.

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    Innovative Solutions at Your Fingertips

    We offer an extensive array of products and services that optimize energy use while enhancing your comfort, energy security, and financial well being.

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    Shealy Energy is our energy solutions division, delivering long-term customer value through innovative systems, strategies and technologies.

  • National Accounts


    A Full Spectrum of Solutions

    As new technologies become available, we take the time to research and test those technologies to ensure that you get the right quality solution. We become familiar with your stores, and we offer innovative solutions to keep your stores looking the best.

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    Our National Accounts Team is dedicated to supporting our national account customers throughout the US.

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